How work helps us grow (the lesson of not taking offense)

    We all hate Sunday evenings, but even more than that, Monday mornings! We are wired by society to dread Mondays (Work) and to look forward to Fridays. Look, even I am guilty of this. I am always sending 'Happy Friday' memes out. Yet I was recently thinking about all the things that work [...]


In my feelings

Imagine if we lived our lives based primarily on how we felt? Every few minutes or so, our mood would change... I had a good meeting: Happy! My lunch was terrible: Sad! I am stuck in traffic: Irritated! I am about to watch my favourite TV show: Joy! I am sure you catch my drift. [...]

(not) Good Enough

Walking around, feeling condemned and guilty and blaming myself for my bad choices was how I had lived most of my life before. I was always dwelling on my imperfections, my scars (the inner ones) and how I could never be good enough. I thought that my worth was based on how many guys liked [...]