What’s the best that could happen?

  We are wired to think ‘worst-case-scenario’. From a young age, we are taught to be careful, to watch out, to ‘look before we leap’. Worry and fear is the motive for a lot of our thoughts, actions and behaviors. As we grow up, the terrible things happening all around us, becomes our new focal [...]


Wonder Woman: Some thoughts around a female superhero

Honestly, I am not very big on the whole superhero genre-type movies. After Tobey Maguire’s version of Spiderman, that I really enjoyed, I saw no need for another one to be made. (How original.) Anyway, that’s me. When I heard about the latest superheroine to be in the spotlight, Wonder Woman, and after reading a [...]


‘Patience is a virtue’, said someone who probably lived on a mountain somewhere, in the middle of nowhere. Clearly, they never had to wait at the bank, to fetch their new credit card, or at the coffee shop, for their Grande latte. They never had to wait for a bond transfer to go through, or [...]