Day 11 Grace and Peace

I was thinking about how Paul starts each of his letters/writings with the greeting of ‘grace and peace’. “Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.” 1 Corinthians 1:3 (NKJV) We often define grace as the unmerited favor of God, which it is. There is nothing we can ever [...]

Day 10 Contentment

“a state of happiness and satisfaction” How content are you with life at this moment? Yes, some of our freedoms and liberties have been limited at this time, but even so, how free do you feel? Freedom is in the mind, more than it is a physical state of being. Just look at Paul. Most [...]

Day 9 Being Thankful

For me, these past few days, being in lock down has made me appreciate the little things a whole lot more! A phone call, a message, a meal that I made and did not just buy. A time of exercising or walking outside for a bit, the sunshine. I have grown in appreciating the little [...]

Day 8 Love

Do you believe that you are loved, truly? Do you believe John 3:16, when you read it? Is it a deep-seated belief of your heart? If you are struggling to love at this time, remember that we can only give what we have already received. Stop. Sit. Receive from God, His perfect love. Do not [...]

Day 7 Peace

Rachel woke up, on Day 6 of the quarantine, switched on the coffee-maker and as usual, turned on channel 139 to catch up on the news. “The Covid-19 virus, is on the increase...stay indoors...following researchers in Sweden, a cure has still not been found...” She heard bits and pieces of what the presenter was saying. [...]

Day 6 Priorities

Reading for today As our world shifts at this time, so do our priorities. It is a time where we can sit back and ask, “What is really important in life?” If I lose everything, what will I still have? If a fire comes to destroy your home, what will you grab before running out? [...]

Day 5 Don’t faint

As the days go, with each week, new challenges may present itself. Yesterday we looked at relationships and the previous day at finding rest. Today I want us to look at us remembering to push forward, no matter what we are feeling. Don’t lose heart or courage. Jesus himself said in John 16:33 “These things [...]