Be a Barnabus

This year has brought so many fresh and awesome revelations for me, from the word of God and relationship with Him. I know it’s been a challenging year for so many of us and perhaps this is why the story and testimony of Barnabus spoke so deeply to me. You may of heard of him, [...]

The Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness is a term used for an emotional/mental state of being. It is mostly based on circumstances and on an ideal outcome. You know the feeling, when everything goes the way you planned it, no interruptions, no problems...Great right? Yet, life does not always go according to our plan. We are all chasing after something, [...]

Enjoying every moment

I recently watched a very encouraging message about ‘enjoying the journey’ (the link to watch it is at the bottom) but it is basically the inspiration for this blog. No one likes waiting. Waiting for something good, in the future, or waiting for something to be over that you may be going through right now. [...]

Lay it down

I think we can all relate with someone from the bible. Maybe some of us have felt hurt, pain and rejection like Mary Magdalene. Or maybe some of us have been ostracized and cast aside like Matthew, the tax-collector, or maybe like Simon you found your life a complete mess. (Photo Cred: Simon from The [...]

I know you by name

I have often wondered why so many go about their lives without questioning deeper things...Maybe it is because I was once that way too. I don’t judge them, I just wonder. I think about how so many people are affected by the injustice in this world and it creates in them a heart that cannot [...]

The object of my affection

‘It is not the strength of your faith that saves you, but the object of your faith that saves you” (Questioning Evangelism, Randy Newman) Faith does not make anything happen. Faith accesses what has already been provided by Jesus. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I try using my faith as a tool, and [...]

I died, did you?

Ever seen that movie, The Net, with Sandra Bullock? It was really good, back in the day, and was about a woman, whose identity is stolen and she ceases to exist. Imagine, finding yourself in that situation? Identity for all of us, encompasses so many different aspects. We identify with the place we grew up [...]

Refuel and Accelerate

In order to go forward in our lives, in any area, we need to refuel, then press on the accelerator to go forward. Many of us, are either going on empty, wondering why we aren’t moving forward, whereas many of us are accelerating but have the hand-break up, still. We feel stuck and empty, and [...]