What are you yielding to?

We are all yielded to something. Meaning, we have all submitted or surrendered our lives to someone or something. So, the question is what have you surrendered your life to? Some of us may be yielded to our emotions and thoughts and just get tossed around by every wind of change, or inconsistency that may [...]


Vote from a value-based approach

As South Africans, we are steadily approaching the time where we exercise our right and privilege of being a part of a democratic nation, and we go to the polls and cast our votes. On the 8th of May, we will stand in the line to vote for the party that we believe will rule [...]

The Annual Birthday Blog

Last year, I wrote a blog just before my birthday, about what I have learnt thus far in life, so it’s kind-of a thing now. I’m making it a thing now, ok. 😊 Birthdays have always been bitter-sweet for me. Bitter, because *gasp* I am getting older, but sweet because I am always blessed by [...]


We all have them, and if we don’t, we want to have them. This recent trend in the form of a hashtag is still largely used by the people of the internet. A goal is defined as: the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. We all have a desired [...]